Glenda Gill
Author - Speaker - Coach
Hi. I'm Glenda.
Author - Speaker - Coach
Empowering Personal Growth and Healthy Habits!
Glenda Gill
Author - Speaker - Coach

Meet Glenda Gill

I’m Glenda Gill, speaker, coach, and author of Lead Yourself to Optimum Health with Plant-Based Nutrition. I also hold a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in Journalism (University of Alabama), a master's degree in Business Administration (University of Phoenix), a master's degree in Military Art and Science (U.S. Army Command and General Staff College), and a health coach certification (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute).


My goal is to help women form healthy habits and understand the value of personal growth. A long-time advocate of personal development and a health coach, I am drawn to living a healthy lifestyle because of its positive effects. Although healthy living means something different to each of us, there is a commonality among us: we all want good health.

A few years ago, I began to critically evaluate my approach to healthy living. During this journey, I realized my way of eating healthy wasn’t really keeping me…healthy. I decided to do some research, took a plant-based nutrition course, and later became a certified health coach. Afterwards, I was motivated to share what I learned with others.

If you are interested in healthy living and personal development like I am, let’s grow together!

The mission of our community is simple: live better. Start the journey now by signing up for my "Living Your Best Life" blog posts and more.


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Written communication is a valuable business strategy. Well-written products communicate class and professionalism, and it tells the reader your message is important.

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As a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, I offer customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget.

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Glenda Gill
Author - Speaker - Coach