Get Moving!

“You’re only one workout away from a good mood.” ~Unknown

With the closures of gyms, parks, and other public places because of COVID-19 concerns, it is easy to stop exercising. We need movement in our bodies more than we ever have in our lives. Yet, we often excuse ourselves from that commitment! Why? Perhaps we are experiencing aches and pains and exercising feels too painful. Maybe we are just too busy and we’ll do it later when we have more time. Whatever the reason, it’s no excuse not to move.

Even little movements throughout the day can help you stay fit. Imagine, 10 minutes a day of stretching, gripping, and flexing (in the comfort of your home) could translate into five pounds less of fat gain per year and be the difference between flabby and fit muscles. You can do almost anything for 10 minutes, so get moving! Need some suggestions? Listed below are three of my favorite ways to move during the day:

Walk while you wait. Don’t just stand there, get moving! Instead of simply standing and waiting, pace the room, move your arms, do some type of movement.

Flex while you stand or sit. While waiting around, do squats, and go up and down on your toes and flex your knees. While sitting, arch your feet up and down, which flexes the muscles in the front and back of your legs. This exercise reduces the likelihood of blood clots in your legs – this is especially important when sitting for extended periods of time.

Enjoy stair-stepping. Make a few extra trips up and down the stairs. When going shopping, park your vehicle farther away from the store entrance to get in a few extra steps.

Of course these time-saving maneuvers are just a few ways to incorporate movement into your day, but it’s a start! If you would like to learn more about the benefits of exercise, as you age, and get other great ideas about self-care, join the Nutrisults Community at

Quick Tip

As adults, exercise is sometimes the first thing to fall off the list of priorities. Why is this? For many, it is strictly a selfish thing. You may think no one else depends on your exercise, so it’s not as important, but you are wrong. Exercise is important for your longevity, so your family and friends depend on it. Exercise is important for your mental acuity and attitude, so your co-workers and teammates depend on it. Your health doesn’t just impact you, so I challenge you to start with 10 minutes and make it a priority!

How are you making fitness a priority?

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational and motivational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical advice.

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